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  • Great variety of mullions (from 16 to 230 mm) and transoms (from 22,5 to 205,5) that solve the different aesthetic and constructive needs of any architectonic projects

  • Internal seen section: 52 mm

  • Extensive profile range, their mechanical unions allows for all types of façades to be built (vertically, inclined, 90° corners, corners, polygonal) as well as solving large and heavy glazing modulations

  • Water tightness elements: drainage pipettes, tear strip gaskets and vulcanized angles

  • In order to fix the glass to the supporting profiles, a pressed profile is needed, this profile is screwed to the mullions and transoms, and covered with a embellisher profile (cover profile)

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
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  • Glazing
    Maximum glazing: 56 mm
    Mínimum glazing: 4 mm

  • Opening possibilities
    Hidden turn&tilt, Hidden side hung, or hidden top hung projecting

  • Sections
    Mullion – 52 mm / Transom – 52 mm

  • Profile thickness
    Mullion 2,1 y 3 mm
    Transom 2,1 mm

  • 6, 12 & 30 mm stackable profiles (with thermal break system)

  • Maximum weight / sash
    Projecting opening 180 Kg
    Turn-tilt opening 100 Kg

  • Maximum dimensions
    Projecting opening
    Max. Width (L)= 2.500 mm
    Max. Height(H) = 2.500 mm
    Min. Width (L) = 500 mm
    Min. Height(H)= 650 mm
    Turn-tilt opening / hidden proyecting
    Max. Width (L)= 1.400 mm
    Max. Height(H = 1.900 mm
    Min. Width (L) = 500 mm
    Min. Height(H = 660 mm

  • Covers
    85 mm deep elliptical cover.
    H shape cover, 34 mm deep.
    Rectangular cover:14, 19 100 & 145
    mm deep
    Pyramid shape cover, 155 mm deep


Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions according to types

  • Finishes
  • Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
  • Wood effect powder coating
  • Anti-bacterial powder coating
  • Anodized
  • Transmittance
    Ucw from 0,6 (W/m²K)
    Please consult dimensions and glazing

  • Certification CWCT British Standard

  • Air permeability
    (EN 12152:2000) CLASS AE

  • Water tightness
    (EN 13114:2001) CLASS RE1500

  • Wind resistance
    (EN 13116:2001) APT

    (design loading 2000 Pa- security loading 3000 Pa)
    Test reference 3,00 x 3,50 m.

Within required by Building Regulation areas included is safety glazing

We also offer additionally ranges of coloured, toughened, laminated glass for extra security. Some other available glass options:

  • Acoustic
  • Solar control
  • Self cleaning
  • Digital print units
  • Ornamental


Gallery of ornamental glass types

Waterdrop Waterdrop Travertino brown Travertino brown Thela Thela Silvit brown Silvit brown Silvit Silvit Screen Screen Point S Point S Bruges Bruges Niagara Niagara Master Ray Master Ray Master Point Master Point Master Ligne Master Ligne Master Carre Master Carrey Maris Maris Listral K Listral K Kura brown Kura brown Kura clear Kura clear Kathedral yellow Kathedral yellow Kathedral Max Kathedral Max Kathedral Kathedral Flutes sandblasted Flutes sandblasted Flutes Flutes Float mat Float mat Delta mat Delta mat Delta Delta Crepi Crepi Chinchilla brown Chinchilla brown Chinchilla Chinchilla Atlantic Atlantic Antique brown Antique brown Altdeutsch brown Altdeutsch brown Altdeutsch clear Altdeutsch clear Abstracto Abstracto


  • All RAL colours available
  • Double colour options available
  • Anodised finish available


Please get in touch for more details!