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This is where art has its purpose – quality. Its design implies a conscious effort to create an art object that is both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

The impression of extreme simplicity and lightness of ARTLINE is a result of combined action between glass, elegant lighting and careful architectural consideration of space where LIGHT IS MORE. Sophisticated minimalist design creates a light and fluid appearance.

Functionality and technology

With an impressive potential height of, up to 3 meters and minimal frame width it allows building interiors to be flooded with light. ARTLINE has state of the art technology includes optimal thermal (0,85W/m2K) and acoustic insulation, heigh weather resistance and security solutions. Whole system transparency is impressive 98%.

  • 98% transparency
  • double and triple glazing available
  • up to 500kg with one panel




Artline's state od the art aluminium window technology includes optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, high weather resistance and security solutions. The high level of technology used within Artline frames makes it top performing:

  • Security
  • Durability
  • Transparency (98%)
  • Insulation: Uw=0,85 W/m2K*
  • Watertightness (EN12207) E750
  • Airtightness (EN12208) class 4
  • Windresistance (EN12210) C3

*with Ug=0,7 W/m2K, element size 4000x2600 mm

Typical sections Typical sections Typical sections Typical sections
under construction
Standard colours:


Other RAL colours available!

All our ARTLINE windows are internally beaded for enhanced security

All windows have 22mm double glazed unit with a U-value 1,0W/m2K and in standard comes with low emission coating

Within required by Building Regulation areas included is safety glazing

We also offer additionally ranges of coloured, toughened, laminated glass for extra security. Some other available glass options:

  • Tripleglazed units for sound reduction and energy efficiency
  • Acoustic
  • Solar control
  • Self cleaning
  • Digital print units
  • Ornamental


Gallery of ornamental glass types

Waterdrop Waterdrop Travertino brown Travertino brown Thela Thela Silvit brown Silvit brown Silvit Silvit Screen Screen Point S Point S Bruges Bruges Niagara Niagara Master Ray Master Ray Master Point Master Point Master Ligne Master Ligne Master Carre Master Carrey Maris Maris Listral K Listral K Kura brown Kura brown Kura clear Kura clear Kathedral yellow Kathedral yellow Kathedral Max Kathedral Max Kathedral Kathedral Flutes sandblasted Flutes sandblasted Flutes Flutes Float mat Float mat Delta mat Delta mat Delta Delta Crepi Crepi Chinchilla brown Chinchilla brown Chinchilla Chinchilla Atlantic Atlantic Antique brown Antique brown Altdeutsch brown Altdeutsch brown Altdeutsch clear Altdeutsch clear Abstracto Abstracto