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Steel windows have been, and still are, the preferred choice of architects,to add a significant contribution to the character and overall appearance ofa building. The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot rolled steel profiles andtheir ability to shape windows is unique. Their slender lines appear to loseweight and give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of afacade. This elegance is difficult to match by any other fenestration system.

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Ideal for restoration works on heritage, but fascinating also for contemporary residential and commercial buildings, these classic profiles are the basic components for a large variety of slender open inwards and outwards windows as well as large size sliding and by-folding doors. Windows and doors made from solid hot rolled steel profiles boast an extraordinary strength and grant longevity thanks to heavy-duty corrosion protections like hot dip galvanizing, thermal zinc spray or powder coating.




In the last decades, the technological run for better insulation forced manufacturers to introduce thermal brakes in metal frames or to look for alternative materials which have better insulation characteristics. The consequences of the need of better thermal performances increased sidelines and overall depth of window frames, compromising architectural design and visual quality of steel windows. “Modern range” gathered thermal barrier steel window systems, which combines the essence of the original steel window design with modern manufacturing technology.

A work of art as a whole, tailored by expert hands, to master it. The combination of advanced production processes and mastery artisanship are behind this high quality product: every inch designed with the utmost precision, each element perfectly integrated in a whole. The decision to use only the highest quality materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass and bronze, and the endless possibilities to interact with the surfaces of these metals make every frame an exclusive item.